Monday, December 30, 2013

Too little, too late love from ExpressScripts

Had a crash and burn day after my first day back at work on Mon -- without the benefit of my RA med (Orencia) because of ExpressScript's F-up last week.

I was in horrid pain yesterday; Kate had to drive me to work. I went to bed at 7PM; I was drifting off while sitting up on the sofa. Good thing I'm off tomorrow and Wed. God knows what shape I'll be in by Thurs-Fri when I have to try to slog through a workday again.

ExpressScripts is allegedly going to deliver the med tomorrow (which I have to wait and take on Fri to stay on sched). We'll see. I received this pathetic, too-late Tweet from the company yesterday:

Update (12/31): ExpressScripts released it for delivery today according to the ExpressScripts web site; that means I won't receive it until at the earliest on Thursday (unless UPS is delivering on New Year's Day). I tried the tracking number given, but the UPS site gives the reassuring message "UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later."

And then it did arrive later in the evening -- via FedEx! No wonder their site had the tracking screwed up. But I have a month's supply for now, in a couple of weeks I have to go through this all again, since I have to order it a month at a time -- by phone -- you cannot use their web site to re-order.

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