Friday, February 13, 2015

Profile on my legacy as a citizen journalist in the LGBT movement...and my new passion, Journey Revisited

It's not every day that you get such wonderful press. There's a piece on my role in the LGBT movement as part of Black History Month, recognizing NC residents who have made an impact. Matt Comer of QNotes interviewed me and the issue hit the stands yesterday and the story is online now,"Famed Blogger Lifted Unheard Voices."

With Wake Forest University professor and
 MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry
(Feb 2015).
A snippit on my work publishing Pam's House Blend:

"Spaulding’s commentary and writing touched nearly every aspect of the LGBT and progressive communities. She kept tabs on local politics in cities across the Carolinas, often attending local government meetings in and around the Triangle. She’d visit the General Assembly to report on lobby days or get on-the-scene sources during legislative debates. She detailed LGBT activism in states and towns across the country, and even weighed in as an on-air commentator on CNN during the 2008 election. And, she used her increasing influence to build and lift the voices of other people of color, southerners, women and transgender writers."
But of course, this is history. I shut down the political blog in 2013 because it became too much work to maintain a full time job and the full time blog when rheumatoid arthritis really started to take hold.

I'm feeling quite a bit better these days due to some sledgehammer drugs that have their own effect on my life, but I have renewed energy working with Journey Revisited, the best Journey tribute band out there.

Matt recounts how I got involved with the group:
"Spaulding now collaborates and assists with promotions, social media and website management for Journey Revisited, a tribute band she fell in love with. (She wanted us to plug their website, which she redesigned. You should totally visit it at 
“I happened upon them by accident,” Spaulding recalls. “I didn’t know anything about them. Someone had posted a video of theirs and I was just blown away at how good they were.” 
She left a positive comment on that video and the band’s Facebook page and began a dialogue with one of the band’s members. [Pam: the video was "When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy)" and the band member was frontman Jeff Salado.] 
She finds herself spending time now helping the band on new projects, instead of chasing down the latest news leads across the country. “I got so enamored with the work they were doing,” she says. “I’m not just a fan. I’m knee-deep in this tribute band, and it’s been extremely satisfying."

And healing thoughts and prayers out to my buddy Jeff Salado, who is under the weather as JR begins a stretch of 4 gigs in 7 days. We're rooting for some rest and recovery...

2/14: Valentine's Day @ Muckleshoot Casino, 7PM
2/17: Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival, 1:30PM/4:30PM
2/20: Fulton 55 - American Heart Association Benefit, 8PM
2/21: Club Fox, 8:30PM.