Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Journey Revisited's 'Just the Same Way' video montage highlights July 18 benefit gig at State Theatre

We put together a montage of unreleased Journey Revisited video footage from the March 20 Covina and May 30 San Bernardino County Fair gigs, along with photos to accompany the band's spot-on rendition of "Just the Same Way" for you. It's for the upcoming benefit at the State Theatre in Modesto, CA. The guys are going to kick it for a great cause on Saturday night! Rock on, Jeff, Val, David, Michael, and Kevin...

Journey Revisited - State Theatre Gig Promo Montage - Just the...
Journey Revisited - 7/18/2015 State Theatre Gig Promo Montage - Just the Same Way. JR Videos, stills and information to highlight the benefit for the Center for Human Services at the State Theatre presented by the DB Project. Montage, vids, pics by Pam Spaulding of Team JR.Tickets are $25, purchase online: http://tinyurl.com/JRatStateTheatre; or call the State Theatre box office at 209-526-1476.
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Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & Vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & Vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & Vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Watching the mane go bye-bye...thanks methotrexate.

I'm grateful for the medications I take for rheumatoid arthritis that allow me to continue to work and be productive -- and in manageable pain most of the time. And I definitely feel the difference when I skip methotrexate and Orencia. After about 4 days I start to slow down, all my joints hurting, the fatigue is incredible. It's like night and day.

Methotrexate is a drug cancer patients are given, but is taken a much reduced dose for those battling RA. It's pretty toxic and many cannot tolerate it, but it does reduce inflammation. I had terrible trouble with the oral version. Since I moved to injectible, I've had fewer tummy side effects, but both versions did a number on me.

For all the positives in controlling pain, the one side effect that is demoralizing and humiliating is watching my hair thin and fall out. My locs, which I've been growing since 2000, have been a source of comfort and pride, having cultivated them from two-strand twists and locked and maintained them on my own (no, I wasn't going to pay anyone to do what I could learn to do myself!) for all these years.

What I couldn't stop was the horror of locs simply dropping out in the shower, and my hair thinning. I cried numerous times. What is happening to me?

I always liked wearing hats, it was kind of part of my look, but now wearing hats became a necessity. The only time I didn't wear one is if I had my hair up in a pony tail and had a headband on, which helped hide the thinning...a bit.

On the left - you can see how thin it is today; on the right with a hat and single pony.
And in the middle, the lush locs of the past (2011).
But here we are in 2015, and it's just grinding me that the medicine that keeps me able is taking its toll...on my vanity. I'm actually not that self-conscious otherwise, for whatever reason. For instance, I've been on a health regimen that has resulted in a weight loss of over 50 lbs so far (30 more to go!), but I was not shy about being a plus size fashionista at times, lol. The weight loss is obviously something I feel good about, since I feel better and look better overall. But for all that, losing my hair I don't have much control over and it vexes me.

I guess self-acceptance at any size, and with any beauty deficits is something to ponder. Is my hair that important in the scheme of things? Could I shave it all off again? I had a short natural back in the 90s (see the slideshow for a pic from that era), but I would feel naked without my locs. Would I start them over again? Who knows.

I just know it hurts to lose them, and a part of me mourns every day I try to style them knowing what "used to be."

But my health means more.

Slideshow of the various lengths and thicknesses of my hair during its loc phase...


* My hair journey (all those styles!)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Spend the 4th of July Weekend with Journey Revisited in Livingston and Marin County!

Why not rock out on Saturday and Sunday with Journey Revisited and you'll get fireworks and a slamming gig of classic Journey songs by the best trib in the business!

First up on Saturday is the Livingston 4th of July Festival, 2600 Walnut Ave, Livingston, CA 95336. JR will rock the house starting at 10 PM. Carnival Tickets are 50% in Advance. Unlimited ride wristbands are $20 in advance. FOR MORE INFO CALL 209-394-8830.

JOURNEY REVISITED VIP TABLE $250 Table for 6 includes 1 Bucket of Beer...

If you want a cool souvenir of the Festival, T-Shirts are available, and Journey Revisited's listed on the back!


On Sunday, we have great news -- a last-minute addition to the calendar -- JR got the call to open for Aaron Neville at the award-winning Marin County Fair. Now in its 74th year, the Fair reflects Marin County in all of its colorful traditions and innovations.

The show is at 3:00 PM PT, at the Island Tent. Address: 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael, CA 94903.

TICKETS: Advance: $15 Adults 13–64, $12 Children 4–12; $12 Seniors 65+. At the gate: $20 Adults 13–64; $15 Children 4–12; $15 Seniors 65+. Reserved concert admission is $50 per person and includes Fair admission and reserved seating in a special section.

A little taste of JR from its recent gig at the San Bernardino County Fair in Victorville, CA:

Journey Revisited - Separate Ways - Victorville 2015
JR rocks Separate Ways at the San Bernardino County Fair, May 30, 2015.
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Journey Revisited to throw it down at the legendary Viper Room on May 15!

Hollywood here they come - Journey Revisited brings its tribute to the Bay Area album-oriented rock band to The Viper Room on May 15, 9PM PDT (tickets here).

In March, the band had a three-night, standing-room-only gig at the Covina Center Of The Performing Arts -- SOLD OUT -- and they are poised to do it again at The Viper Room.

JR gives its audience an uncannily accurate tribute to the "Perry and Rolie" sound and style without pre-recorded backing tracks or digital vocal enhancements.

Journey Revisited delivers that organic live sound and audiences are always leave a concert ready to rock with the band again.

Every gig in 2015 so far as been a SOLD OUT event! And The Viper Room...let's pack the house!

Journey Revisited is:
Jeff Salado, Lead Vocals
Val Popovic, Lead Guitar & vocals;
Kevin Jachetta, Keyboards, Keytar, Guitar, & vocals;
Michael Gonzales, Bass & vocals;
Dave Hawkes, Drums/Percussion.

 photo zvYeXDi_zpsthdk36c2.jpg

General Admission $10.00 21+. 8852 W. Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069; 310-358-1881.

Booked by Reese Entertainment, 209-585-7447

Who's Crying Now (Victorville 2014)

Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' / Any Way You Want It (Victorville 2014)

Just The Same Way" - Journey & Journey Revisited Mashup

Journey Revisited is available for media engagements:

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Got your tickets for Journey Revisited's hot three-day L.A.-area gig at Covina?

JR's original two-day gig, March 20-21 -- its first tour in the Los Angeles area -- at the Covina Center for the Performing Arts had such strong advance sales that a third show, on Sunday the 22nd, was added by the venue! Journey Revisited lead singer Jeff Salado is stoked:
"With the show in Covina Ca coming up and nearly all 3 days are sold out, who's bought and paid for tickets to come see JR at Covina Center for the Performing Arts, March 20-22?"

It's going to be a blast -- everyone is looking forward to seeing JR die-hards and to meet new fans during this series of gigs. See you there!


Info: http://www.covinacenter.com/
Tickets $20/$30. Order here: http://goo.gl/e4xbHZ

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

JR heads to L.A.: 1 night of Covina 2-nighter already sold out. Want a 3rd show?

UPDATE! It's official - there will be a third show on Sunday! Show up in full force and rock out to the Journey classics the way you want them!


The word is out - the best Journey tribute band is hitting the L.A. area this month - Journey Revisited will play the Covina Center For Performing Arts on March 20-21 (Fri and Sat). The Friday gig is already sold out with Saturday selling fast (buy your tix here).

The big news - if Saturday sells out, the venue will add a third show! So faithful JR fans, this is exciting. Click here for more info. JR fans on Facebook or Twitter, spread the word by sharing this graphic about Covina!

We'll see you there rocking out - let's get that third show...

By the way, how good is JR at recreating the classic sound? How about this, folks - a mashup by yours truly of a head-to-head of "Just the Same Way..."


And Journey Revisited will play, for the first time, in Steve Perry's hometown of Hanford, CA at Kings Fair...that should be a blast.

We've added some new dates to our tour schedule, so check it out regularly. Here are the latest additions, and we expect more next week:

  • July 11, 2015
    Twilight Concert Series /  Palo Alto, CA
    Rinconada Park | 7:00 PM)  | INFO

  • August 16, 2015

  • Los Gatos Concert Series / Los Gatos, CA | Civic Center, 110 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA 95030 | INFO

  • August 22, 2015
    Hawkins Amphitheater, Bartley Ranch Regional Park / Reno, NV |
    Sierra Nevada Performing Arts Association's Reno-Tahoe Music Festival, 8:30-10 P.M. | INFO
  • Friday, February 13, 2015

    Profile on my legacy as a citizen journalist in the LGBT movement...and my new passion, Journey Revisited

    It's not every day that you get such wonderful press. There's a piece on my role in the LGBT movement as part of Black History Month, recognizing NC residents who have made an impact. Matt Comer of QNotes interviewed me and the issue hit the stands yesterday and the story is online now,"Famed Blogger Lifted Unheard Voices."

    With Wake Forest University professor and
     MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry
    (Feb 2015).
    A snippit on my work publishing Pam's House Blend:

    "Spaulding’s commentary and writing touched nearly every aspect of the LGBT and progressive communities. She kept tabs on local politics in cities across the Carolinas, often attending local government meetings in and around the Triangle. She’d visit the General Assembly to report on lobby days or get on-the-scene sources during legislative debates. She detailed LGBT activism in states and towns across the country, and even weighed in as an on-air commentator on CNN during the 2008 election. And, she used her increasing influence to build and lift the voices of other people of color, southerners, women and transgender writers."
    But of course, this is history. I shut down the political blog in 2013 because it became too much work to maintain a full time job and the full time blog when rheumatoid arthritis really started to take hold.

    I'm feeling quite a bit better these days due to some sledgehammer drugs that have their own effect on my life, but I have renewed energy working with Journey Revisited, the best Journey tribute band out there.

    Matt recounts how I got involved with the group:
    "Spaulding now collaborates and assists with promotions, social media and website management for Journey Revisited, a tribute band she fell in love with. (She wanted us to plug their website, which she redesigned. You should totally visit it at www.journeyrevisited.com.) 
    “I happened upon them by accident,” Spaulding recalls. “I didn’t know anything about them. Someone had posted a video of theirs and I was just blown away at how good they were.” 
    She left a positive comment on that video and the band’s Facebook page and began a dialogue with one of the band’s members. [Pam: the video was "When You're Alone (It Ain't Easy)" and the band member was frontman Jeff Salado.] 
    She finds herself spending time now helping the band on new projects, instead of chasing down the latest news leads across the country. “I got so enamored with the work they were doing,” she says. “I’m not just a fan. I’m knee-deep in this tribute band, and it’s been extremely satisfying."

    And healing thoughts and prayers out to my buddy Jeff Salado, who is under the weather as JR begins a stretch of 4 gigs in 7 days. We're rooting for some rest and recovery...

    2/14: Valentine's Day @ Muckleshoot Casino, 7PM
    2/17: Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival, 1:30PM/4:30PM
    2/20: Fulton 55 - American Heart Association Benefit, 8PM
    2/21: Club Fox, 8:30PM.