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Pam Spaulding served as the editor and publisher of Pam’s House Blend during its nine-year run (July 1, 2004-July 1, 2013). The Blend was ranked in the top 50 progressive political blogs, and was honored as “Best LGBT Blog” in the 2005 and 2006 Weblog Awards. While focused primarily on civil rights issues, the blog often dealt with the intersection of race and LGBT issues as well as the follies of the Religious Right.

Pam has guest posted/contributed to Americablog, Pandagon, Firedoglake, The Rude Pundit, The Bilerico Project, Glenn Greenwald’s Unclaimed Territory on Salon, and written for The Independent Weekly. She wrote a monthly column for the Raleigh News & Observer’s The Durham News;  the first out lesbian columnist for the major newspaper. Her advocacy extends to social media as well with over 14,000 Twitter followers; 8,000 Facebook friends and subscribers, and nearly 18,000 on Google+.

With roots in North Carolina and New York City, Pam considers herself to have “dual citizenship” status as a Southerner and a Yankee — and brings that perspective and voice to her blog, which focuses on current political events, LGBT and women’s rights, the influence of the far Right, and race relations.

Michael Rogers, editor and publisher of gay blog PageOneQ.com:
“Pam is certainly the most important lesbian blogger in America. She’s a lesbian in a gay blogging world that is overwhelmingly gay men. She’s a blogger as a woman in an overwhelmingly male-dominated world and she’s of color and the internet is so skewed to the privileged.” Mike Airhart of Ex Gay Watch says, “Thanks to efforts by bloggers such as Spaulding, XGW can spend less time analyzing the religious right and more time focusing on exgays.”
Spaulding provided commentary on CNN during the 2008 presidential election cycle, spoken at national forums, and performed the first-ever live-blogging events for the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network’s annual dinner in May 2006 and the National Black Justice Coalition’s Second Annual Black Church Summit in March 2007.

Pam landed exclusive interviews with the first openly gay man to run for the U.S. Senate, Jim Neal, as well as the only out lesbian serving in Congress, Tammy Baldwin.

In 2006 she received Distinguished Achievement Award from The Monette-Horwitz Trust for making significant contributions toward the eradication of homophobia. Pam was named one of Huffington Post’s Ultimate Game Changers in Politics in 2009, honored with the 2009 Women’s Media Center Award for Online Journalism, received the 2009 Courage Award from the New York City Anti-Violence Project and selected as one of the OUT 100 for the year.

In 2012 she was honored with the Bob Page Equality Champion Award by the Equality NC Foundation for her online and offline work against Amendment One, the ballot initiative that bans legal recognition of same-sex couples.

Spaulding has a B.A. in Media Studies from Fordham University and in the non-virtual world, serves as Information Technology Manager at Duke University Press. She is a board member of The Institute of Southern Studies, which publishes the award-winning investigative journalism publication Southern Exposure, and the blog Facing South. Pam is on the organization’s Media Advisory Group. The Blend received credentials to cover the 2008 Democratic National Convention as part of the general press pool.
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Contact me at pam at pamspaulding dot net.

GTalk: pspauld
Skype: pam.spaulding

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Panel and media appearances, speaking and blog engagements

  • Equality Alabama’s Equality Weekend (Sept 18-20, 2009). Two talks: “Electronic Activism” and “Effective Sound Bites.”
  • 2009 Netroots Nation.Panel: From Prop 8 to Full Equality in All 50 States: Fighting for Marriage Equality and LGBT Rights Across America Pam Spaulding, Monique Hoeflinger, Michael Wilson, Julia Rosen; Panel: The Forgotten Agenda of Race in the Obama Administration: Profiling, Immigration Detention and Mass Incarceration; Vince Warren, Pam Spaulding; Panel: Women Bloggers Found: Has Feminist Blogging Gone Mainstream?
    Jill Filipovic, Amanda Marcotte, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Lindsay Beyerstein, Pam Spaulding.
  • Salon Radio: Glenn Greenwald Podcast (December 18, 2008). Discussion about Proposition 8 and race and the selection of Rick Warren to deliver invocation at the Obama inaugural.  [Link]
  • 24th International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference (December 6, 2008). Moderator of the panel “Winning Coalitions for the Common Good”.  [Link]
  • CNN Newsroom Blog Buzz (January 20, 2008). Via satellite. Blog Buzz segment hosted by Tony Harris on the presidential race and the Nevada caucuses and South Carolina Republican primary. Debate with Mary Katherine Ham of Townhall.com.  [Link]
  • CNN Newsroom Blog Buzz (December 16, 2007). Via satellite. Blog Buzz segment hosted by Tony Harris on the presidential race and the Iowa caucuses. Debate with Amanda Carpenter of Townhall.com.  [Link]
  • Center for Policy Alternatives: Summit on the States (December 8, 2007). Washington, DC. Plenary, “Bloggers: Analysis of impact of blogs on the 2008 Presidential and General Election campaign.” Panelists: John Aravosis, Jane Hamsher.  [Link]
  • 2007 International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference (November 29, 2007). Las Vegas. Panelist, “LGBT Leaders and the Media.”  [Link]
  • 2007 BlogWorld and New Media Expo (November 8, 2007). Las Vegas. Panelist, “The Power of the Political Blogosphere.” Professor David Perlmutter moderator, with Hugh Hewitt, Dave Nalle, Taylor Marsh, Brad Friedman, and Dean Barnett. [Link | Audio ]
  • Equality NC Conference & Gala (November 3, 2007). Member, Equality North Carolina Conference Committee, Durham. Moderator, “Still Crossing Those Bridges: Facing Racial and Ethnic Barriers.”  [Link 1 | Link 2]
  • The Leslie Martin Show (October 5, 2007). Radio interview on Idaho Senator Larry Craig. [Link 1 | Link 2]
  • Out & Equal Workplace Summit (September 28, 2007). Washington, DC. Panel, “Workplace Equality in the American Spotlight.” Panelists: Sean Bugg, Jonathan Capehart, Neil Giuliano, Marc Gunther, Gary Lee, Kevin Naff, moderated by Bob Witeck.  [Link 1 | Link 2]
  • Alabama Day of Equality (September 15, 2007). Speaking engagement/workshops in Birmingham, “Educating Potential Political Allies” and “Urban vs. Suburban vs. Rural and Perceptions of Rights and Community.” Sponsored by Equality Alabama. [Link 1 | Link 2 | Video]
  • Michelangelo Signorile Show (September 11, 2007). Radio interview on “Untangling the latest GOP gay scandal” (Rep. Patrick McHenry [R-NC10]). [Link 1 | Link 2]
  • Sam Seder Show from Yearly Kos (August 3, 2007). Interview topic: “Conservative Sexual Hypocrites.” [Link 1 | Link 2]
  • Yearly Kos (August 2, 2007). Panel: “Holding Congress Accountable for a Progressive Agenda,” with panelists: Lane Hudson, Ari Melber, and Jane Hamsher. [Link]
  • PBS All-American Presidential Forums (Democratic debate) (June 28, 2007). Full press credentials for event. Liveblogging. [Link 1 | Link 2]
  • Servicemembers Legal Defense Network’s 15th Annual National Dinner (March 24, 2007). Liveblogging and interviews. [Link]
  • National Black Justice Coalition’s Second Annual Black Church Summit (March 10, 2007). Liveblogging and interviews. [Link]
  • The Agenda with Joe Solomonese (March 5, 2007). Radio interview on Ann Coulter and 2008 presidential candidates. [Link]
  • Metro Weekly’s State of the Movement Panel (February 22, 2007). Panel discussion about the organized and informal gay rights movement and the next political steps. [Link]
  • Michelangelo Signorile Show (February 16, 2007). Radio interview on Tim Hardaway and racial tensions over performer Shirley Q. Liquor. [Link]
  • Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute’s International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference (November 18, 2006). Panelist, “Election Strategists Roundtable,” with Ari Shapiro of National Public Radio. [Link]
  • CNN Election Night Coverage (November 7, 2006), invited participant, E-lection Nite Blog Party, covering returns. [Link]
  • John Edwards blogger dinner (September 14, 2006), invited participant. [Link]
  • National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association’s Annual Meeting (September 9, 2006), panelist, Advocacy + Personality + Journalism = Blogging.[Post and audio link]
  • Servicemembers Legal Defense Network’s 14th Annual National Dinner (May 13, 2006) Pam’s House Blend provided the first-ever live-blogging coverage of this major event, which presented audio, video and commentary features in real time. [Link]
  • Southwest Durham Rotary Club (October 5, 2006), featured speaker, “Blogs – the personal and the professional view.”
  • Duke University Medical Center: (2003-present, three times a year), featured speaker ,”Diabetes and PCOS,” at the invitation of Ann J. Brown, M.D., director, Academic Program in Women’s Health, associate dean for Women in Medicine and Science. [Link]

Media coverage
  • The Ron Reagan Show. Air America Interview at Netroots Nation 2009. Prop 8 repeal, the Maine ballot initiative, ally support, and minority outreach. [Link, MP3]
  • Washington Post: Style section. Interviewed by Jose Antonio Vargas.  “Gay Bloggers’ Voices Rise in Chorus of Growing Political Influence.” (February 24, 2009). [Link 1, Blog post]
  • The New Yorker: Brave New World section. Interviewed by Jeffrey Toobin for story on Soapblox hacking.  “Hack Attack.” (January 19, 2009). [Link, Blog post, PDF]
  • Washington Post: Politics section. Interview on the Blend’s coverage the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  “BlogTalk.” (August 28, 2008). [Link 1, Blog post]
  • Agence France Presse (AFP): Interview on bloggers at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.   (August 27, 2008). [Link 1, Blog post]
  • New York Times: Style section. Piece on bloggers and logistics, funding and access issues involved in covering the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  “The Year of the Political Blogger Has Arrived.” (August 22, 2008). [Link 1, Blog post]
  • Raleigh News & Observer: Cover feature article in regional/state newspaper on being credentialed for the 2008 Democratic National Convention.  “Blogger gets respect: Durham resident writes on progressive issues.” Also ran as AP story, “A different kind of blogger” and “First Few: Durham blogger gets convention press credentials.” (July 7, 2008). [Link 1, Link 2, Link 3], Blog post]
  • Equality: Human Rights Campaign’s membership publication.  “Mixing It Up: Pam’s House Blend Blogger Takes on the Tough Topics.” (October 2007). [Link]
  • The Washington Blade: “Gay activists try their hand at blogging ” (July 6, 2007). [Link]
  • The Advocate: “Who’s gayer: behind the gay-friendly faces” (April 10, 2007). [Link]
  • Curve Magazine: “Out in Front.” Profile (November 2006, page 11). [Link]
  • QNotes: “Pam Spaulding Durham resident captures nationwide attention with website.” Interview (November 4, 2006). [Link]
  • AfterEllen.com: “Pam Spaulding Blogs Her Way to the Top.” Interview (October 25, 2006) [Link]
  • Independent Weekly: “Making it Legal: How same-sex couples can protect themselves.” Interview. (September 27, 2006) [Link]
  • Washington Blade: “Brewing a spirited debate: Pam Spaulding takes on religious right, gay issues in her blog” (May 24, 2006) [Link]
  • Duke Today: “Brewing up a Blend: Employee’s blog wins praise from readers” (July 28, 2006) [Link]
  • MTV.com: “Diary to the Masses: Blogging Teens Learn Pros and Cons of Publishing to the Web” [Link]
  • PlanetOut: “Black gays protest homophobe AIDS concert,” [Link]
  • Pam’s House Blend was featured on CNN’s “The Situation Room” (January 30, 2006) [Link]
  • References to Pam’s House Blend editorials in electronic media and top blogs include: the Columbia Journalism Review, Slate, [1, 2], CBS News: Public Eye, The News Blog, Eschaton, Americablog, The Hotline’s Blogometer [1, 2, 3], Mother Jones.
Guest blogging and writing
  • Raleigh News & Observer. Monthly column for The Durham News; the first out lesbian columnist for this major newspaper (March 11, 2009-). [Articles]
  • Salon: Glenn Greenwald’s Unclaimed Territory, (August 1, 2009). Guest blogging.”The cultural third rails of race and sexuality,” What if your health insurance company says no?,” “Chris Rock takes on black hair.”
  • Salon: Glenn Greenwald’s Unclaimed Territory, (October 22-26, 2007). Guest blogging. [10/22 | 10/23 | 10/24 | 10/25 | 10/26]
  • AMERICAblog, (July-September 2007). Guest blogging. [Link]
  • Out in Asheville, “Former President Gerald Ford Dies,” (January, 2007). Print feature. [Link]
  • Firedoglake, “Late Night FDL: Educating Wolfie” (April 4, 2006). Guest blogging. [Link]
  • The Rude Pundit, “It’s all about the sex” (August 4, 2006) Guest blogging. [Link]
  • The Independent Weekly, “My how things have changed since Stonewall,” (June 21, 2006). Print feature. [Link]
  • Facing South, blog of the Institute of Southern Studies. Guest blogging (March 31, 2006). [Link]
  • And They Cook, Too, a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders (Lulu Press). Contributor. [Link]
Interviews for Pam’s House Blend
  • U.S. Congressman Patrick Murphy (D-PA) on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal (August 14, 2009) [Link, Video]
  • U.S. Senate candidate (N.C.) Jim Neal, first openly gay man to run for the U.S. Senate (December 11. 2007) [Link]
  • Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), 23rd International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference (December 3, 2007) [Link]
  • Petty Officer Second Class Jason Knight, discharged under Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (May 9. 2007) [Link]
  • Margaret Cho, 2006 North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (August 10, 2006) [Link]
  • Tab Hunter, 2006 North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (August 11, 2006) [Link]
  • Brian Fricke, former Marine Corps sergeant and Iraq veteran, SLDN Dinner, on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (May 13, 2006) [Link]
  • Lt. General Claudia J. Kennedy (ret.), the first woman promoted to three-star general in the United States Army, SLDN Dinner (May 13, 2006) [Link]
  • Virginia Delegate David Englin on the state of Virginia politics and LGBT rights (April 24, 2006) [Link]
  • Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin (March 24, 2007) [Link]
  • Former American Family Association columnist Joe Murray (March 24, 2007) [Link 1, Link 2]
Blog awards
  • Nominated for the inaugural Best Blog prize, 2011 GLAAD Media Awards.
  • Finalist, “Best LGBT Blog” in the 2008 Weblog Awards. [Link]
  • Finalist, “Best LGBT Blog” in the 2007 Weblog Awards. [Link]
  • “Best LGBT Blog” in the 2006 Weblog Awards. [Link]
  • “Best LGBT Blog” in the 2005 Weblog Awards. [Link]
  • Semi-finalist, 2004 Koufax Awards, “Deserving of Wider Recognition” [Link]

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