Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Durham News column drops today: 'Night at the City Council'

My column is up: "Night at the City Council." A snippet:
How many of you have attended a City Council meeting? I recently attended one and it was interesting in many respects, particularly because I write about national and state politics for my blog.

This meeting drew a standing-room-only crowd to the council chambers. I was there because the members of the council were going to vote on a resolution that would endorse and support "the rights of same-sex couples to share fully and equally in the rights, responsibilities and commitments of civil marriage." Many of my blog's national readers were looking for a first-hand account, so I was there as a citizen journalist.
More behind-the-scenes action during my on-the-scene coverage of the politics in the room. See my Aug. 17 coverage with video, "NC: Durham City Council votes unanimously for marriage equality resolution."

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