Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We get mail...strange marketing mail. I am involved in a covert TP operation.

We rarely get products in the mail to test out; maybe we're not in the right zip code. One time I wrote about the joys of the Swiffer (this was when it first came out), and wrote about it on my web site (this was pre-PHB), and Procter & Gamble sent me one of their first WetJets. Guess the PR people scanned the web for positive reviews and rewarded customers with some (useful) swag.

That's the last time I recall receiving "free stuff" of value in the mail. Well, today I received a little box marked "Top Secret Info For..." and "Remember: Just Act Natural" and "Scott Secret Swap" on it.

What could it be?

Had to hot foot it into the house to open the box. My guess was correct -- if it's Scott, it must be a roll of TP.

One can only hope that "Scott Naturals" -- whatever that means -- is less tortuous than standard 1000-sheet Scott TP. That traditional one is like sandpaper. Apparently, the "Naturals" series is made out of recycled material.

This campaign is kind of amusing.

Swap out the roll you’re using now with a roll of Scott Naturals™ without telling your family.
If you find yourself in danger of being discovered, just follow these three simple steps:

SWAP your roll for Scott Naturals™.
WATCH as your family never notices.
ROLL on without sacrificing quality.

Remember your training, and good luck.
The box also came with a coupon for $1.25 off of a pack of 12, so I guess the company is pretty anxious to crack into the eco-friendly heinie wipe market. Scott has gone so hog-wild on this covert campaign concept that it also has this Top Secret Video (oops, I'm declassifying the mission!):

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