Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tribute band Journey Revisited on the road, paying homage to the classic sound

Just a fun update on my favorite tribute band, Journey Revisited (see my earlier post). They may not have the posh budget or the gear of the mega-selling band they pay homage to, but fans turned out (this time about 6,000) at its gig in Redwood City, CA at the Music on the Square event to hear the classic sounds of the Perry era.

Journey Revisited's lead singer, Jeff Salado. Photo: Jim Branch.

Journey Revisited is (L-R): Kevin Jachetta - Keyboards/Vocals, Michael Gonzales - Bass Guitar/Vocals,  Jeff Salado - Lead Singer, Val Popovic - Guitar/Vocals, Dave Hawkes - Drums.

Sunday was the Monterey Beer Festival, Monterey, CA (below). More in the slideshow.

Photo courtesy of Journey Revisited fan group JR NATION member Tami Baloy.


Photo credit: Reese Entertainment where noted on Picasa.



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