Monday, July 16, 2012

Romney campaign: clueless, incompetent…or are we just missing some well-hidden brilliance? | Pam's House Blend

The flaming pile of #FAIL that is the Romney campaign of the last week is a gift that keeps on giving. The pathological lies excuses about his days at Bain from 1999-2002 are mind-boggling, and fooling no one. And the call for his tax returns to be released grows from people in his own party. Of course the only possible reason for this prolonged PR disaster is that whatever is in those returns has to be worse than Mittens looking like a phantom CEO, a lying CEO, or well, stupid. CNN tonight just got to the bottom line. An actual graphic that aired (via Americablog):
How it was laid out on Erin Burnett’s OutFront on CNN:
And Bain? I guess no one was running it while Mittens was shepherding the 2002 Olympics. Teddy Partridge in the post “Bain Must Now Produce Its CEO from 1999 to 2002“:
Who ran Bain? For that matter, where are the Board minutes supporting Ed Gillespie’s claim that Romney ‘retroactively retired‘ in 2002, effective 1999? Board minutes must support this contention, right? And they also must support all Romney’s other contradictory contentions regarding his tenure, I would imagine. For instance, the purchase of the abortion-profiteer company that burned up dead babies: that profitable enterprise’s absorption into the Bain borg must be approved somewhere. The Board must have approved Romney’s request for a part-time leave of absence. Whose signatures are on those papers? Was the Board vote unanimous approving these actions by Romney? If Bain wants their man Mitt in the White House, if Wall Street has decided the non-prosecutorial bent of Team Obama isn’t fealty enough, if the Masters of the Universe want one of their own in the Oval, they can produce these documents and clarify everything.
Speaking of the Olympics, it appears the 2012 Romneybot model has fooled his campaign into believing that  he’s the job creator, the believer in the market forces pumping the economy, and evangelist in the belief that government is the problem, not the solution. It did not inform the campaign about Romneybot 2002 model’s propensity for sucking at the teat of the U.S. taxpayer — and bragging about it on video. After talking to the NAACP about all the freeloaders lovin’ Obamacare last week, watch the then-governor of Massachusetts go after every dime he could get from the federal government for his state and the Olympics. This was obtained by ABC News, a video shot undercover by a Dem opponent:

Bonus brilliance:
Mitt Romney-helmed olympics outsourced uniforms to Burma.
Mitt Romney Ad Taken Down Over Copyright Claim.
A new economic analysis of Mitt Romney’s jobs plan found that his proposal to eliminate all U.S. taxes on foreign profits made by U.S. companies could lead to the creation of 800,000 jobs—overseas.

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