Friday, August 10, 2012

Romneybot 2012 major malfunction: Obama campaign, please don't talk about my business record anymore!

Please, someone break out the tiny violin and a fainting couch for the delicate Romney campaign. Apparently his Darth Vader approach to business at Bain -- leaving Jedi Knight carnage on the economic landscape by driving businesses into the ground -- is now off limits, according to Mittens. In an incredible interview with NBC's Chuck Todd, the all-but-nominated GOP presidential candidate is beside himself that the Obama campaign unearthed his Bain record. Now Romney deems his business history -- and with it his record of "acumen" he's been selling to the American people -- is now "personal" and wants Team Obama to leave it alone.
“[O]ur campaign would be-- helped immensely if we had an agreement between both campaigns that we were only going to talk about issues and that attacks based upon-- business or family or taxes or things of that nature."

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“[W]e only talk about issues. And we can talk about the differences between our positions and our opponent's position.” Romney said of his own campaign: “[O]ur ads haven't gone after the president personally. … [W]e haven't dredged up the old stuff that people talked about last time around. We haven't gone after the personal things.”
Bwahahahahaha....Uh, no. Huff Po:
To date, Romney has insisted that the attacks are personal, but the interview with MSNBC would be the first time the former Massachusetts governor has requested the Obama campaign to stop talking about his business record -- as he appears to imply in the quote.
But Romney himself has touted that same record throughout his candidacy, frequently making the case that his private enterprise background would enable him to serve as a better commander-in-chief than President Barack Obama.
Mittens, it's time for that Veep accouncement because this hilarious political meltdown is going to be all over the TV and interwebs all weekend.

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