Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spine surgery update: can put on jeans again!

Small victory this AM.  Was able to put on regular jeans today without them hurting my low back area (L5-S1) where my bilateral discectomy was. I know it's a pitiful "victory" by almost any other standard, but it's another sign that healing is under way.

I had the surgery on Jan 18. Doc has to re-evaluate progress in another couple of weeks. I had a big setback after 3 weeks of the flu and violent coughing (that can actually re-herniate the disc). Incision area has healed (on the outside, anyway), but gets a little tender from clothes rubbing after walking. Any positive milestone is welcome, no matter how seemingly insignificant! The proof:

The other good news is that I only have minor coughing from the remnants of the flu. This damn thing lasts forever, btw - still dealing with sinus crap, but it's at the non-contagious stage now, just annoying. I am able to go out for walking PT, but it does take a lot out of me (not aerobically, though). My back muscles were greatly bruised by the surgery and so while walking doesn't hurt, they get very sore afterwards.

The walks are less painful than sitting for any length at the computer or in a chair. After about 30 minutes my back and spine hurt. Sitting is actually one of the worst things for recovery from spine surgery. Walking is least painful, though in my case the neuropathy makes walking unpleasant at times. Conflicting problems are making this recovery slower than the norm (6 weeks). I am just keeping fingers crossed that the next MRI shows all is well. No bending, twisting or carrying more than 5 lbs will be the rule for some time.


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  2. Great to know.. I also jump inside when I get back into my old jeans. Thanks for sharing this.