Saturday, October 19, 2013

Next stop...Orencia for RA

Fri trip to rheumatologist went well, though she's hoping that I can find a combo of meds for RA that gives me more than 4.5 good days vs 2.5 sick days a week from side effects. 

We decided to try Orencia (another biologic weekly injectible) to go with the MTX, but first have to see if my insurance covers it. Same kinds of side effects are possible, such as increased infection risk, fever, chills, etc. It could go either way. Guinea pig time for me. Used to it though.

Otherwise I'll probably stay on Enbrel, which has brought the most relief out of the various cocktails, but the sick days are pretty debilitating. But it's better than no RA meds at all

Got my flu shot while there. Last year's was useless. Since it's only about 60% effective, I (and a lot of people, including the nurse who gave me this shot, caught a different strain than the vaccine covered. It was a heinous flu bug. Hope this year's bypasses me!

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