Sunday, October 13, 2013

More weird MTX dreams...

Strange dreams. Always have them after taking MTX dose on Fridays. In one  last night I had a heart attack on a NYC street (!, though I was watching L&O when I fell asleep, lol). In another I was on a tour w/Journey (as a journo) circa 1978 in Philly; last one I was on some smallish ship (more like a large ferry), traveling where it looked it was Vancouver in winter. I woke up and my lower legs and feet were cold.

Who knows what all that means. I rarely remember any dreams, probably b/c my usual sleep is not very deep; it never has been.

However, when I take those RA meds, I sleep unusually hard,  though I still wake up from neuropathy every so often. MTX can mess with your head.

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