Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pit bulls steal challah bread...

Pit bull update - Malia and Casey are getting along swimmingly. They apparently had only one tussle -- and it was over a loaf of challah bread!

I had left it too close to the edge of the counter in the kitchen and we went out to run errands. I know it was Malia (since Casey isn't bold enough to counter surf). She must have filched the bread, then pulled it into the living room and she and Casey must have had a short fight over who got the loot.

We came home to some plastic from the bag that the challah was in, but no sign, no crumb of any kind. They were laid up, fat and happy from engorging themselves.

Here's Casey (top) watching Restaurant Impossible while Malia puts her head in my lap.

As expected, Casey, who is about 2x Malia's weight was the wimp. She ended up with a boo-boo on her nose that has left a scar, but otherwise you'd think nothing happened.

They really do love one another -- they play fetch and tug of war, sit together on the sofa, and even sometimes sleep in the too-small-for-two-dogs bed. Malia gives her kisses, and, as the new dog, always looks to Casey for guidance.

It has been a great match; it's wonderful to give another pit a forever home.

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