Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turning 50 means screening for colon cancer - do it for your health

I turned 50 this year, so the doc said it's time for my first colonoscopy. It's tomorrow AM, so today is the horrible part of it -- the prep, or colon cleanse. If you have done it, you know what's coming:

"There's no debate; people are afraid of the prep. It's the No. 1 barrier to getting a colonoscopy," said Andrew Spiegel, head of the Colon Cancer Alliance" (

So off I go (literally to the john for much of the day) after consuming:

1) only liquids for 24 hrs; the only thing resembling food -- clear chicken broth;
2) milk of magnesia (that I took last night);
3) 3PM: 2 Dulcolax tabs + 16 oz clear liquid (my choice, Crystal Light Lemonade since I can't have sugar; most drink Gatorade)
4) 5PM: 48 oz of clear liquid w/8.3 oz of MiraLax mixed in (or 2pks per 16 oz bottle) , driving 8 oz every 15 min.

...And one more 16 oz of the Miralax mix tomorrow at 4:30 AM!

Let the fun begin! Become one with the potty.

Here's a good article: 27 Insider Tips and Tricks for Colonoscopy Prep, compiled from FB friends of the Colon Cancer Alliance.


And this awareness campaign for men is already in progress...

"Have you noticed things getting a little hairy this November? We’ve loved seeing #coloncancer join the Movember movement, bringing attention to men's health issues through funky facial hair this month. Several rock star fundraisers, including radio DJ Wes Styles Radio, grew out their facial fuzz in support of colon health and the Colon Cancer Alliance -- thank you, guys! Read more about the movement":

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