Saturday, December 21, 2013

Working my way through the weekend med grind.

Just posting articles in between bouts of nausea and doubled-over-level pain. Hard to distract from it; watching L&O: CI marathon (2002 eps; all Goren/Eames).

Another Saturday lost to MTX and Orencia side effects. Had to take a long nap and I still am pretty non-functional, all over pain and chills. Bleh.

Turns out Orencia is no better or worse than Enbrel, though the injection hurts a lot less.

The depressed/blue mood caused MTX is so pronounced it's kind of frightening. But that passes by late Sunday, disappearing as suddenly as it comes on; same with the other side effects. They really should alert folks more about that.

At least I don't have get on the work hamster wheel for a few days. That wheel has been way too fast lately.That or I'm just starting to lose capacity to recover. When you have to turn in at 6:30 PM, it seems kind of a soon-to-be lost cause.

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