Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another lost weekend...

This weekend has been quite pitiful. Between the shingles (in parts where you'd never want them), my weekly RA biologics making me feverish, sick & sore,  and the side effects from the 3x a day anti-virals for those shingles, I spent most of the weekend in searing pain, nodding out, or unconscious.

Thus no FB activity. I didn't have the attention span or energy to even pick up a tablet. Now that's bad for me.

Today's major "activities" -- since I'm sick of being sick from my declining autoimmune state and I'm stubborn -- involved limping, slow, short trips -- one to the grocery store, and briefly to Costco. That was so exhausting that as Kate drove the 15 min home, I nodded out, then needed a 4 hour nap. Saturday I was even more useless, if that can be believed.

I don't know if I'll be in any shape to work tomorrow since the anti-virals knock me out and I have to take one dose midday. (4 more days to go).

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