Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Managing a RA flare sick day

Sick day today; my first full-blown RA flare up in months since I switched to Orencia as my biologic vs. Enbrel. I haven't taken an actual sick day like this from work in months, as in: no work email, texts, calls, IMs. I was only online in the AM to "call in" via email and to rearrange all the meetings I had to miss. And even that was a horrible effort since light is really hurting my eyes this time. Flat out on my azz sick. Not working through it to prove that I'm impervious to chronic, life-altering pain. No way to fake it through a flare.

I then slept almost all day. It's annoying to be so wiped and in pain that you have to sit there in a stupor thinking about a plan to get up to make it across the room, but that's the reality of a big time RA flare. It just has to pass.

It was about 80F today, but I was cold when I briefly stepped outside, so my body therm is screwy. Doc gave me a script for prednisone a while back, but I won't take it unless this goes on for days since steroids F up my BGs.

The light sensitivity has abated somewhat this evening (why I can type this), but my muscles and joints are so tight that I'm already showered and coated in my rotating cast of liniments (tonight starring Biofreeze + Sombra + Capsaicin!).

Getting under the fleece and going to fall asleep to mothership L&O (1992 season is on We).

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