Friday, April 25, 2014

What a difference a new pair of glasses makes!

I CAN SEE! I picked up my new glasses today. No big style change for me, as you see. These glasses are plain, black geek frames, a little larger than my last pair, to give my eyes a bit more coverage for sun protection with Transitions lenses. My current insurance allows me one new pair a year, I think.

My horrid nearsightedness improved, as did my reading script. But it's still bad; I needed hi-index 1.67. This is the script for the progressives:

OD Sph: -7.75 Cyl:-0.50 Axis: 180
OS Sph: -7.50 Cyl: -.75 Axis: 165
OD ADD 2.25
OS ADD 2.25

I used to be > -8.00 in both eyes prior to requiring bifocals when I turned 42 (I'm 50 now). I also need a separate single-vision lens for computer work (I just had them replace the lenses in my old glasses to save $). I'm still blind as a bat by most folks' standard:

OD Sph: -6.50 Cyl:-0.50 Axis: 180
OS Sph: -6.25 Cyl: -.75 Axis: 165


Blind as a bat without them.
Q: Has anyone ever ordered a pair of prescription glasses online? I didn't know how satisfied people were, particularly if they have a difficult script. I was thinking of getting a pair that is tinted for indoor use, since I have light sensitivity from developing cataracts.


On a related front, I can report that my prescription insurance, ExpressScripts, actually covered Restasis (drops for extreme eye dryness caused by RA/Sjogrens and other similar conditions). It's insane how much these meds cost. I paid $100 for 3 months' supply, the insurance covered > $700! Why does this med cost so much? Never mind. I'm sure it's cheaper across either border.

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