Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Looks like I'm good to go with Methotrexate...for now.

10:30 AM: Off to the rheumatologist for joint exam and to check up on the tests from last week re: methotrexate and any harm to my liver. From what I can read, the labs look good. The large bruise on left arm from the bad phlebotomist incident is still hideous; it's just starting to fade, lol. Fingers crossed.

Noon: Back from rheumatologist. Sore from joint manipulation (geez, everything hurts when she tested). Liver tests OK, though. Will let me know whether to up the MTX dose to 6 tabs/once a week from 4. Will consider injectable if side effects are worse in the first couple of days than normal. If this doesn't improve my joint pain after a few weeks, then it's on to the next trial and error drug. I suggested a MTX/Enbrel combo since that seems to bring relief for more people. Of course I don't know if that means double the side effects for 3 days. Who knows. They are all sledgehammer drugs.

Anyway, it's back to work; not a great day to have to give a presentation to a large group of staff (in about an hour). I really feel like lying down right now.


Today is my cousin Julie's birthday. She hits 50 six weeks before I do, lol. Happy birthday, cuz!

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