Monday, May 20, 2013

There's nothing like bad phlebotomy...

How about this fun -- went very early this AM to get blood drawn for labs re: methotrexate effects on my liver. They take 3 tubes of blood (took 2 tries in my left arm, bruising it a lot), then the doc office calls this afternoon to say I have to come in again in the AM tmw to do it b/c something was wrong with the tubes they drew. Geezus. My arm still hurts from the bad phlebotemy.


An update on the nausea-inducing phlebotomy experience -- something was wrong with the tubes of blood from the draw so I had to come back to do it again this AM!).

Anyway, as you can see from the photo, the bruising and swelling from the vampire-level work on Monday was unpleasant and left my arm hurting quite a bit. However, since I wasn't about to let them draw from my dominant right arm (which sux anyway, it has rolling veins) today, it was back to the left arm. This nurse was successful in getting the blood out of a vein in my hand; I left with it wrapped up to hopefully avoid what happened on my forearm.

(The wrap on my wrist is unrelated; I need those on both wrists for joint support while typing because of inflammation/damage already caused by RA.)

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