Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gimpy but will be there - narrating Triangle Gay Men's Chorus event today at 3PM

Whew. That was one rotten Saturday lost to med side effects. MTX dose had me in bed with headache, nausea and chills. Better this AM, just still really tired. Will have to record MHP re: PHB today. Need to rest up b/c I am scheduled to narrate a concert program later today see below.

It's sad that weekends are now largely deep-sixed in order for me to function at all during the week. Every RA drug I've tried has at least 1-2 days where I am sick, with 5 or so decent days where my pain is not gone, just down to about a 4 out of 10 (10 being unbearable pain).

Those TV commercials extolling biologic RA meds leave the whole sick time thing out. But at least they do mention underneath the soaring music that cancer, stomach rupture, and death by severe infections are potential side effects, lol.

I will have my knee braces on and will head over to Pilgrim United Church Of Christ here in Durham at 3PM to serve as the narrator at the performance of the Triangle Gay Men's Chorus -- "When I Knew: A Musical Presentation of Our Journeys of Self-Realization." More information on Facebook.


When I Knew
A Musical Presentation of our Journeys
$15.00 adults - $10.00 students/children
Save $5.00 on each adult ticket by purchasing in advance on-line at

Sunday, June 23rd 3pm
3011 Academy Rd. Durham, NC
Narration by: Pam Spaulding
Editor and Publisher, Pam's House Blend

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