Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thank you, Melissa Harris-Perry, for the wonderful Pam's House Blend send-off

Just got out of the shower just in time to catch the MHP PHB send-off! Some screen caps and pix that were shown...Melissa Harris-Perry was way too kind. Thank you. The video:

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And what's not to love -- she mentioned in a shout-out my much-loved (often-derided) fave band Journey. From the rough MSNBC transcript:
“For this week’s footnote i’m bidding a favorite tonight farewell to my favorite coffee shop , pam’s house blend . pam spaulding has decided to close the blog pam ‘s house blend . Launched in 2004, PHB is one of the first online opinion sources that I read on a daily basis. Pam is based in durham, North Carolina. As an African-American lesbian living in the south during the gay baiting re-election campaign of George W. Bush in 2004, she just needed a place to vent, but what started out as a personal online journal of frustration became one of the most innovative and inclusive spaces in the digital world.
Pam and her fellow bloggers reported the news and commented on the maddening developments of national politics, but they always did so through their own distinctive lens. pam and her co-bloggers withstood the identity of race and identity reminding us that gay is not just an urban experience. of course there is autumn sandeen, who is the first transgender blogger on a major site. pam and her house blend won many awards and in 2008 she was only one of six african-american bloggers credentialed to cover the Democratic National Convention. early this week she announced she will no longer produce pam ‘s house blend; she is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis , she no longer has the stamina to blog during all the hours that would be reserved for sleeping. we asked pam what she wants to be the legacy of the house blend and she said, i really do wish that we could get more lgbt people of color blogging about politics and their rights. maybe it’s the gliend of politi politics. maybe it’s that politics is depressing, i’m not sure, but it’s so necessary. and voices from the south are necessary. pam , you are a true citizen journalist . 
I will continue to check out your personal posts about your favorite band, Journey, but i will miss your daily House Blend.  Rest and take care of yourself, you certainly have earned it. But if you are out there and you have a voice that needs to be heard and a perspective that should be shared, maybe now is the time to take up the banner that Pam has held aloft for so long. ”
Reaction to the video on Facebook.
For newcomers to the Blend, I've collected a bit of history on my personal blog.

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