Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Canada Geese are back...that should make PT walks interesting

Today's PT walk showed more improvement. It is kind of cold (43 degrees, sunny, but windy): Distance: 1.24 mi , Time: 36:09. Better to go slow and for distance in terms of PT.

Not that I could go any faster just yet; I still have to battle the neuropathic pain in my feet while walking. I just turn the music on (Journey and solo SP, of course) and do the whole mind-over-matter thing. Otherwise I'd just give up, there's not a day without pain from RA or the neuropathy for me, just the degree of it. But I cannot tell you just how liberating it is to be able to walk more than a block now post-spine surgery. I celebrate what does get better along the way.

Seen while on the walk -- oh no, the Canada Geese are back at the lake! These birds are huge -- and mean. They hiss at you when they are on the walking path and when they are plentiful you have to dodge the sizeable poop they leave behind. Kate reported they are already near her office in Cary, leaving their "gifts" behind and behaving badly as usual.

Thankfully our house is not near the lake so we don't have them using our yard as a "bombing zone." Pity the homeowners who are right on the lake and have flocks congregating in their back yards in the spring and summer. They also multiply quickly, and the chicks grow fast.

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