Saturday, March 16, 2013

Being OK with getting lapped around the lake

Physical therapy walk today - 2.25 miles! I passed this mallard duck at the lake that let me get pretty close to take a pic.

Since it's Saturday and in the 60s (F), there were a number of fast walkers and joggers on the walking trail. It's kind of demoralizing to be lapped around the lake by these fit folks. I have to keep reminding myself that I'm doing the best that I can and to be thankful I can walk this far at all given where I was two months ago.

Like I would be able to run laps around anyone aside from the sedentary at this point.

In the past I really would have been down on myself about it, pushed myself too hard, and ended up injured or worse -- in this case back on the operating table, back cut open and the surgeon chiseling another disc herniation out or fusing my spine. But I don't want to get sliced and diced again (with the awful, long recovery), so I have to clamp down my drive to do too much too fast.

There are always a mix of ages and physical abilities on the trails during the week; today there just seemed to be more well-trained fitness runners who didn't look like they were breaking a sweat. They make most people look bad, lol. It is an annoying reminder (to me) that I'll never be one of those people -- I've got too many pre-existing degenerative conditions. Maybe the next life. I have to be happy with what's left of this body and maximizing what it can do. Acceptance is difficult, but not out of reach.

After all, here I am, still walking 2+ miles, with my feet numb and hurting from permanent neuropathy AND a swollen left ankle, the edema straining against my shoe. I think I can, I think I can...

One of the fun things that occurred on the walk today was running into a fellow Woodlake resident, Jon Parker, who recognized me from PHB/Facebook/Twitter (not sure which), and said he saw my prior photos of the lake. He said to look up his recent video of his own photos. We have a wonderful active neighborhood full of good walking resources that makes my PT so pleasant on days like today. Thanks Jon!

The small things that count...being able to do housework again.
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* Milestone: tanking up...and a good day for PT walking (finally)
* RA rears up and says "don't forget about me."
* Can put on jeans again!
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* Post-surgery update: tail end of flu; may need another MRI
Week 3 post-spine surgery, week 2 of the flu
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