Friday, July 5, 2013

50th b'day NY trip Day 1 - travel and Junior's cheesecake!

Wore my compression socks for the trip since I was going to do a fair amount of walking and the air travel tends to make my legs swell.

Packed lots of Aleve, ibuprofen and extra meds to handle pain management. Flight was uneventful. Took a typically wild cab ride to our hotel, the Brooklyn Marriott, where the view from the room is wonderful...

The socks worked! No swelling, so we decided to walk about 1/2 mile to Junior's on Flatbush Ave. It was pretty hot and humid, but no worse than back home in NY. At least two people we ran into here were talking about how horrible the heat was. Honestly, they are easy wilters if this is what they consider bad heat, lol.

So we made it to Juniors, and the first thing I noticed is that there are benches along the street so people can sit and people-watch. The neighborhood is bustling, and there is a lot of construction/gentrification going on. Mostly it appears to be office buildings and potential housing going up. The area (just on the other side of the Manhattan Bridge) is convenient to many subways, since it is downtown Brooklyn.

Inside, you get a glimpse of the sinful cheesecake options. I laughed because the doorman at the hotel told us that he wouldn't eat anything except the cheesecake at Juniors; I found that funny because, while it isn't fine dining (it's more like a full-service diner menu), the thing to go for, if it's not breakfast food, IMHO, are the steakburgers, which are huge, and come with heavenly, cornmeal battered onion rings.

I couldn't finish the above burger because I wanted to save room for a few bits of Junior's famous strawberry cheesecake. Kate and I shared a slice of this heaven.

After this gastronomic excursion, it was time for a walk to burn a tenth of that off, so it was back to the hotel. I needed to get my legs up.

Tomorrow (Sat)  is the family cookout from 2-7PM in the "hood" -- Bed Stuy. Actually, my uncles' house is in the beautiful Stuyvesant Heights historic district.

The walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is Sunday at 2PM. If I survive that, we'll head over to the Smorgasburg all-food market in DUMBO.

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