Monday, July 8, 2013

50th b'day NY trip Day 4 - big fun, lotsa sun, and a blogger happy hour

What a busy day it was. Kate was wise to make sure we only did two events per day to give me adequate rest so I didn't get an RA flare up.

So event one was lunch with my high school friend Carole and her husband Dave and their two kids at Junior's. It's hard to believe they are almost ready to pick colleges!

We walked back to the hotel and Dave pointed out a spot near the courthouse in downtown Brooklyn where just the day before some dude was shot (by someone he refuses to identify, so it sounds like a hit was in order). Kate stood at the ironic "Dead End" sign near the spot, lol.

At the hotel, Carole joined us to see the view from the Marriott and we gabbed for a bit. I got way too much sun walking to Junior's and back. I knew it was too much even though I had on sunscreen and wore a hat. My face felt really hot. Burning. Ugh.

Blogger happy hour

But forging ahead, my blogger world friends had a birthday celebration at 5:30 PM at Industry Bar in Manhattan. I didn't know much about this -- most of it was under wraps since my good friends Joe Sudbay and his partner Carlos did the organizing, along with Scott Wooledge and Michelangelo Signorile.

And what a great time it was -- they had cupcakes and I was showered with flowers from David Mixner and  blogger David Badash. So many peeps showed up! Here's a slideshow...

And the birthday serenade... (link to vid)

From Pam's 50th Birthday Weekend in NYC

Joe and Carlos took us to a tasty Mexican restaurant afterwards and after that I was spent. Hit the wall. We took a cab back to the hotel and crashed. I was so tired that everything hurt. But I was very happy. It was a wonderful 50th birthday with friends.

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