Sunday, July 28, 2013

Half the weekend lost to biologics...the trade off that allows me to work.

Argh. Friday Methotrexate/Enbrel dosing has me sore, sick and feeling awful moodwise this AM -- all "normal" side effects. I did OK on Sat, but now it hits like a ton of bricks, including fluid in my lungs when I wake up. I know it will get better by Monday -- all the symptoms go away -- but I hate losing half of my weekend to this "therapy" for RA. I know others out there know the perils of biologic meds all too well.

It's not the picture they paint in the TV ads. But I get a good 3-4 days out of this treatment (so I'm able to function at work) before I crash and burn again. Friday's trip to the rheumatologist had me reduce my MTX dose to 5 pills instead of 6 to mitigate slight upward trend in liver damage numbers as a precaution. Rest of labs OK.

I did have the energy (and lack of nausea) to go to look at doggies at the shelter; we're still mourning the loss of Chloe, but we know eventually we'll find the right one to fit in our family.

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