Friday, July 5, 2013

On the way to NYC...learning what it's like to travel in this "new" body

So I made the decision to avoid taking prednisone this weekend since I am skipping MTX and Enbrel this week. That's to avoid being sick while on the road. Of course with the weather fronts coming in wet and wild all this week, it has been an exercise in pain and fatigue management anyway.

I packed my bag -- Kate has to do all the heavy lifting because of the limitations from my back surgery earlier this year, but we tried to pack light (ha!). I will drag a very small bag on wheels with my shoulder bag riding on that so I don't have to have that weight on my arm.

Thankfully it is a direct flight. What I cannot control is what the barometric pressure changes from the plane ride itself will do to my body. It's highly likely that my legs will swell, so I have on compression socks (how fashionable -- white ones at that!).

This is my first plane trip since back surgery and the really aggressive RA path. Now I realize what a chore it will be travel -- I have a toiletry bag just for my various liniments and wraps and extra socks. It's pathetic. And then the numerous meds (including injectibles) have to go in my carry-on. I'm wearing elbow supports and taking the knee braces (though not in the airport, don't want the hassle from TSA). Gone are the days of really traveling light.

We'll see how it goes...

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