Thursday, July 25, 2013

I feel like a zombie: this AM is definitely large (unsweet) Bo tea time.

Had to head to the Bo to get a big iced tea. I had some Bo rounds with it this AM. It was unsweet, of course, since I'm diabetic (it's been 32 years and counting) -- I don't even know what sweet tea tastes like at this point.

Quite a few order half n half sweet/unsweet. I guess that's a feeble attempt at "health" lol. Got my free to-go refill of unsweet before heading to the office. Mmmmm...

Aside from Bojangles, a good many restaurants here do brewed iced tea right -- they have to down South. I recall one national chain in particular that got in the doghouse when it opened shop here -- The Cheesecake Factory -- and it didn't have any plain black iced tea on the menu, only spiced or fruit-infused options -- WTF?! The complaints mounted and a few months later they were brewing "regular" tea for patrons here.

The other lesson some (failed) restaurants down here learn the hard way is that it's FREE REFILLS or die. I usually expect to pay for a refill up north, but down here it's heresy. Even Junior's in Brooklyn gives you free refills of brewed tea (but you pay for a refill of soda or other beverage).

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